Jason Livingood, Vice President, Internet Services, Comcast:


"Comcast is committed to helping drive improvements to the reliability of the Internet ecosystem. We are thrilled to be engaged with other infrastructure participants across the spectrum and around the globe in pursuit of these goals."

Ian Dickinson, Network Architect, Sky:

Sky logo

"We believe that the objectives and scope match our
beliefs and our behaviour, and that by signing up, we may help encourage
others to do so."

Jan Boogman, Senior Network Engineer, Swisscom Ltd.:

Swisscom logo

"We feel every effort to enhance security in the Internet is worthwhile and therefore support this initiative."

Jaya Baloo, Chief Information Security Officer, KPN:

KPN logo

"Good network routing practice is the fundamental requirement for trust between providers, and ultimately creates a safer and stronger internet for customers. KPN is committed to providing secure and trustworthy communications, and by joining partners in MANRS, we continue to improve security and resiliency for all."

Dale Drew, Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer at Level 3 Communications:

Level 3 logo

"As one of the most connected Internet providers in the world, security of the Internet is top-of-mind at Level 3 Communications. The Internet is a shared responsibility, and only through these important collaborative efforts can we continue to ensure the protection of this collective infrastructure."

David Freedman, Infrastructure Manager, Claranet Group:

Claranet logo

"Adherence to MANRS is an important commitment that operators make back to the Internet community. Together we aim to remove the havens from which miscreants maintain the freedom and anonymity to attack our network and our customers."

Antonio Prado, Chief Technology Officer, SBTAP:

"We, at AS59715, believe that global cooperation should be a prerequisite to run an Autonomous System and MANRS is the right place to make it happen."

Robert Hagens, VP, IP Architecture, Zayo:

zayo logo

"Zayo is interested and desires to be more active in promoting global routing security; the MANRS document is in our (and my) opinion a really good initial level of recommendations. I think that the more participation in MANRS, the safer our routing ecosystem. And a safer routing system is good for all of us!"

Perayudh Choojirawong, Deputy Managing Director - Operation, United Information Highway, Thailand:

"We joined this effort to help fending off intrusion and cyber crime that negatively effect Internet service and its usefulness. Help prevent economic losses from online hacking by participating in the best practice routing communities."

Hank Kilmer, VP IP Engineering, Cogent:

Cogent logo

"Cogent supports the efforts championed by the MANRS document. The issues being promoted need practical, effective improvements to support the continued growth and reliance on the Internet."

Gianfranco Delli Carri, Network Director, IT.Gate S.p.A.

"We believe in the value of coordination and shared responsibility to have a more secure Internet infrastructure. We strongly agree with the principles, the scope and the actions written in the Routing Resilience Manifesto."

Robert Williams, Technical Director, Custodian DC Ltd.:

Custodian Data Centres logo

"We agree with the underlying principles of the MANRS initiative and in practice we have always ensured our network complies with the requirements it outlines. A number of recent high-profile cases have reaffirmed the need for such processes and we look forward to the wider adoption of these practices."

Matteo Malvica, Senior Network Engineer, Altibox:

Altibox logo

"As one of the leading FTTH providers in the Nordic countries, we at Altibox care a great deal about speed and capacity. And because we constantly strive to attain the safest and most reliable Internet service for our customers, we have adhered to MANRS in an effort to keep revitalizing our worldwide community while building greater trust between each other."

Sergey Simonenko, CTO, Foton Telecom CJSC:

"We believe in the necessity to have a clean IP network to prevent BGP Hijacking, DDoS, UBE and other security issues globally."

Dylan Clear, Architect, RISE:

"At RISE we are dedicated to providing the best internet experience to our customers. With a wide scope of international experience in the management team, we know what it takes to provide high levels of reliability, service and quality and our network design principles are a reflection of that awareness. Routing security is a critical part of creating a reliable global internet - signing the document is a commitment to maintain and improve on our existing standards, while helping spread the word about a set of critical best practices."

Fredrik Korsbäck, Network Architect, NORDUnet and SUNET

NORDUnet logoSUNET logo

"NORDUnet and SUNET are committed to robust global routing polices and MANRS is one of the best initiatives so far to help out operators with this. We hope with our participation that more of the R&E sector will sign the Routing Manifesto and live up to the norms. We hope that in the future MANRS will be the standard, not the exception."

Edward Lawrence, Business Development, Workonline Communications:

Workonline logo

"Our pledge of support to the manifesto is a guarantee of our continued commitment to the highest international standards in security and resilience. Resilience and security lie at the core of our network, and adhering to global standards is part of our DNA. By publicly stating the measures that we take to ensure the robustness of our network, we hope to encourage our customers and peers to do the same."

Arnaud Martin, Chief Information Security Officer, Orange group:

Orange logo

"Digital technologies and the Internet are the backbone of our society and economy. They are deeply changing our lifestyles and organizations. This is why, at Orange, as trusted connectivity provider we are always looking for greater reliability and security. The adherence to MANRS initiative is part of our commitment to cooperate with leading actors, like ISOC, in order to improve the security for all"

Frank Scalzo Director, Security Strategy, Verisign

Verisign logo

"As the registry operator for .com and .net, root server operator for the A and J roots, and root zone maintainer, Verisign is deeply committed to ensuring the security, stability and resiliency of the internet. Routing security is of the utmost importance, and we are pleased to support MANRS, as we have since its inception, in its goal toward promoting a culture of collective responsibility, collaboration and coordination among our peers in the global internet routing system"

Tim Lightfoot, Internet Services Manager, Sota Solutions Ltd.

 Sota Solutions logo

"We have decided to sign the MANRS document to show our commitment to the MANRS actions, as a responsible network operator we believe and share the goal that good network routing practices will maintain and improve the stability and security of the internet"