MANRS Implementation Guide Published as RIPE 706

The MANRS initiative’s set of Best Current Operational Practices has received recognition from the RIPE community by being published as RIPE-706.

MANRS helps network operators around the world improve the security and resilience of the global routing system through four actions that include filtering, anti-spoofing, coordination and support for global validation. It currently involves over 85 organisations encompassing nearly 200 Autonomous Systems around the world, including some of the largest ISPs.

The MANRS BCOP offers guidance on how to practically implement each of the MANRS actions, based on the operational experiences of numerous network operators around the world. It’s a must read for those working with the global routing system, as routing security is a shared responsibility and needs commitment to good practices from all its participants.

The RIPE documents are developed and approved by the RIPE community, having been published since 1989. They include technical and operational recommendations, as well as policy, procedural and organisational documents. The publication of RIPE-706 represents community recognition of the MANRS principles and the importance of a commitment to routing security.

The MANRS initiative would like to thank David Freedman, Brian Foust, Barry Greene, Ben Maddison, Andrei Robachevsky, Job Snijders and Sander Steffann who were the primary authors of the document, but also all those who provided comment and feedback, and those who translated it into other languages.

If you’re interested in signing-up to MANRS, join here.

3 thoughts on “MANRS Implementation Guide Published as RIPE 706

  1. Hi Andrei,
    That’s a good achivement. which honor your team’s effort and commitment.
    Now that you have this document, accepted as a BCOP, in the RIPE community, I see two actions needed ahead for the #MANRS continuing progression.
    My Suggestions :
    * Create a MailingList to discuss/share, at-large, MANRS related issues and progress { I have read, somewhere in the website, that there is a mailing list. But, until now, I don’t know were it is :-/ } ;
    * Launch a #DeployAthon : #MANRSathon maybe 🙂 … The guys from the AFRINIC Capacity Development Team have done it for IPv6 Deployment, during #AIS2018;
    * …


    1. Hi Sylvain,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      There is a mailinglist, although it is only available to the participants of the initiative. There are public fora for the discussion of broader routing security issues, such as RIPE’s routing WG, or NANOG. If there is an opportunity to report on MANRS and its progress, MANRS participants are encouraged to present this.

      Regarding the #MANRSathon – I’d like to explore this idea. If you could share your thoughts, please write to manrs at

      Thank you for your interest,



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