About The Program

MANRS brings together Ambassadors and Fellows to make the global routing infrastructure more robust and secure.

A MANRS Ambassador is a representative of a MANRS participant organization, an opinion leader in the community who strongly believes that routing security is an essential component for the future well-being of the Internet and is ready to contribute to its improvement.

Ambassadors provide mentorship, guidance, and feedback to others in the routing security community and are experts in one of the following categories:

  • Training
  • Research
  • Policy Analysis


Applications Open Feb 07
Review Period Feb 23 - Feb 25
Announcement of Ambassadors Mar 04 Learn More
Program Starts Apr 15
  • Support the Fellows
    • Provide mentorship to MANRS Fellows
    • Provide guidance and help MANRS Fellows fulfill their obligations
  • Promote MANRS
    • Generate MANRS awareness through word-of-mouth in local and regional communities
    • Represent the MANRS community positively in a multitude of settings (e.g. conferences, webinars, workshops, symposiums, meetings, etc.)
    • Contribute to the MANRS blog regularly
    • Assist MANRS Fellows in creating content (i.e. writing blog posts, newsletter articles, reviews, etc.)
    • Provide feedback and recommendations for improving MANRS messaging and MANRS tools such as the MANRS Observatory, network monitoring tools, and training materials
    • Promote MANRS on social media
  • Capacity Building
    • Moderate online MANRS training courses
    • Advocate and speak on behalf of the MANRS community
    • Coordinate with other MANRS Ambassadors from different geographical regions and areas of expertise
    • Contribute to building the MANRS community
    • Provide technical assistance and guidance to less experienced network operators
    • Allocate 2 to 4 hours per week to MANRS

Ambassadors must be affiliated with a MANRS participant organization


Frequently Asked Questions

They last for up to eight months.

Every Ambassador receives a stipend of up to $1,500/month. The remuneration will be based on KPIs, reviewed every month.

Every Fellow receives a stipend of up to $750/month. The remuneration will be based on KPIs, reviewed every month.

Fellows gain valuable insight and networking opportunities from Ambassadors, who are well respected in the routing security industry. Fellows also have the opportunity to improve their skills, work in a diverse environment, and improve the Internet’s routing infrastructure to benefit their own organization as well as all Internet users.

Yes, if you fulfil all the criteria. Employment may not be required of students.


Yes, you can apply for multiple categories, but you can only be selected for one.

Yes, intermediate level English language is required.

Please contact the Fellowship Program Team at [email protected]

We have resources for a total of 4 Ambassadors and 14 Fellows, but our ultimate goal is to find the right people.

Ambassadors must be affiliated with a MANRS participant organization. This requirement does not apply to Fellows.

Previous Ambassadors and Fellows cannot reapply for the same positions, but Fellows can apply for the Ambassador Program as long as they meet the requirements, including being a representative from a MANRS participant organization.

Please refer to the timeline above.

Please refer to the timeline above.

If you have any questions about this program or the application process, please email [email protected] or refer to the FAQ section above.