Join MANRS – IXP Programme

Please provide information below about which Actions of the MANRS IXP Programme you implement.

In describing implementation of the Actions, please provide pointers to relevant documentation (e.g. IXP policies, technical briefs, etc.). That could be URLs if such documentation is available online, or excerpts.

Eligibility criteria and proof of implementation

To join, an IXP must demonstrate commitment by implementing a majority of the IXP Programme Actions (at least three out of five). Actions 1 and 2 are mandatory, and the IXP must implement at least one additional Action.

The implementation of specific Actions should be reflected in relevant documentation (e.g. IXP policies, technical briefs, etc.). This documentation should be publicly available, or at least available IXP members. When joining MANRS, an IXP will be asked to provide links to this documentation.

Terms used in this document

  • IXP member – a network using interconnection services provided by an IXP. Depending on the IXP model that may be an IXP member, as IXP customer, etc.
  • MANRS IXP Programme participant – an IXP participating in the MANRS IXP Programme

Thank you for your interest in participating. We will be in contact with you soon!

Note: The MANRS mailing list is for people interested in helping with the further development of the MANRS documents and initiative. Topics of discussion may include improvements to the web portal, development of new Actions, suggesting and developing supporting documentation, and general publicity/advocacy activities related to MANRS. All who want to help move the initiative forward are welcome to join!